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Beauty Salon Receptionist / Social Media Manager


Job Description:

The first point of contact in any organization is the most important person! A receptionist at a beauty salon for instance, comes in contact with many people in a day and it is up to him or her to make sure that customers leave happy. Beauty salon receptionists greet customers, provide them with service information and connect them up with stylists within the salon and ensure clients are rebooked for their next service. The Social Media Manager part of the position will implement the company’s Social Media marketing. Administration includes content strategy, develop brand awareness, generate inbound traffic and cultivate leads and sales. The Social Media manager is a highly motivated individual with experience and a passion for designing and implementing the Magnifique’s content strategy, creating relevant content, blogging, community participation and leadership.


The main prerequisite for a beauty salon receptionist’s position is to be pleasant. You have to smile the entire day and you have to be nice to even the most irate of customers. You also need to be extremely well organized and be physically presentable. Possessing some knowledge of beauty regimes and their applications is always helpful when applying for this position.


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